YIKES -Obama asks for a Pledge of Allegiance to Him?

Pledge of 300x246 YIKES  Obama asks for a Pledge of Allegiance to Him?President Obama’s plan to inspire the nation’s schoolchildren with a video address next week erupted into controversy Wednesday, forcing the White House to pull out its eraser and rewrite a government recommendation that teachers nationwide assign students a paper on how to “help the president.”

Presidential aides acknowledged the White House helped the U.S. Education Department craft the proposal, which immediately was met by fierce criticism from Republicans and conservative organizations who accused Mr. Obama of trying to politicize the education system.

White House aides said the language was an honest misunderstanding in what was supposed to be a inspirational, pro-education message to America’s youths. Among the activities the government initially suggested for prekindergarten to sixth-grade students: that they ” write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president.”

Another task recommended for students immediately after listening to the speech: to engage in a discussion about what “the president wants us to do.”

Face Fwd Comments:

Okay, there should be no doubt in any one’s mind by now that I dislike the current administration.  I believe they are taking us down a path that will eventually rob us of all of our freedoms.  That having been said, I have tried to stay away most of the conspiracy rumors because there was just not enough facts to cover the things like, Obama’s birth certificate, secret meeting with foreign governments, and that the president is a secret member of a radical Islamic sect.  However, when you start messing with our children as blatantly and as openly as is being reported in national news outlets then you really have to wonder about some of the other nefarious things that have been said. 

How about this video from Ophra.  Its release is to coincide with the Presidents address to the school children.  This thing is creepy!  The music, the Obama images, the chanting at the end…..very scary stuff. 

For more on propaganda techniques go here: http://library.thinkquest.org/C0111500/proptech.htm.  Make sure to pay close attention to “Bandwagon”

Here is one schools experience with the video:

A school principal has apologized for showing a video at an assembly that a politically conservative group leader is calling “radical, leftist propaganda.”

Children at Eagle Bay Elementary School in Farmington were shown a short video called “I pledge” on Aug. 28. The video opens with an image of President Barack Obama and part of a speech in which he says, “Let us summon a new spirit of patriotism, of responsibility where each of us resolves to pitch in and work harder and look after not only ourselves but each other.” The video then features celebrities making pledges about how they will help the president and the world — and that’s where some say the problem lies…

… Gayle Ruzicka, president of conservative Utah Eagle Forum, said the video was blatantly political. She said other offensive pledges included, “I pledge to be of service to Barack Obama,” “I pledge allegiance to the funk, to the united funk of funkadelica,” and pledges to not use plastic grocery bags and not flush the toilet after urinating.

Fortunately, my children are grown, so I won’t have to make the decision that million of American families are going to make on the day of his broadcast.  “Will I subject my child to more of this propaganda?” is a question that is going to be asked in many homes.  While the White House says they are going to withdraw the pieces of the training that will require children to write down how they will help the president, (by the way that’s a propaganda technique called reinforcement), they have not said what they were going to replace it with.  Don’t think that just because they  (the left) were caught with their hands in the hypnotic / propaganda cookie jar, that they are going to drop it.  No in fact, I expect them (the left leaning Obama backers) to be even more determined to capture the hearts and minds of YOUR children.

Be aware.  This administration has decided to turn up the heat in the competition for the next generation.  They will no longer be satisfied with television programming on the networks they now control.  They are going to strike and grab the minds of our kids immediately and I promise, they don’t plan on letting go.  That scares me to death.

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