Staggering number of Chinese invade the Mexican/US Border

As has been reported in all of the major news services, illegal immigrants sneaking into our country across our southern borders, are down dramatically. At least, the “reported” numbers are down. The reported Nogales border 300x200 Staggering number of Chinese invade the Mexican/US Bordernumber of illegals crossing from the Mexican border in Nogales, AZ, are down 24% for the year. However, a dramatic new development has everyone scratching their heads……Chinese are making a run for the border. Crossing from Mexico to here.

The Border Patrol Headquarters in Tuscon, reports 261 illegal Chinese immigrants processed though the first 10 months of this year. If you compare that to an average annual number of 36 per year, that’s over a 700% increase and we are only though 3 quarters.

What is driving it you ask? Money. The average illegal immigrant from China will incur as much as $70,000 in debt just to make the trip to cross the border. Compare that cost with that of a Mexican $1,500, Central or South American $6,000 or a Haitian paying as much as $20,000.

Very few Chinese arrive with any money or contacts let alone with enough to cover their smuggling fees. Most will end up working in a sweat shop or and the steam room of a restaurant in a major city. However, many will be forced to work in prostitution houses or commit other criminal acts for the Asian gangs that control them.

While Chinese crossing at the Mexican border sounds more like a punch line to a joke rather than a legitimate problem, after all who really cares what nation our illegal immigrant kitchen help comes from, the implication could be staggering. There may be more to the exponential growth in Chinese immigrant crossing the Mexican border besides, cheap help.

In recent years the Chinese have been flexing their muscle as they have begun to take their place among the world powers. During the Clinton years, they were caught stealing many of our nuclear secrets. During the Bush years their military was on the Mexican side of our border performing “Joint Military Exercises” with Mexico. Most recently, they have been part of an international movement to move the dollar off of it’s top spot as the world’s oil currency. Remember they already hold much of our debt and have been accused of manipulating the dollars value. Just this week, they have cut back on the exports of rare earths to theCaptured chinese1 300x190 Staggering number of Chinese invade the Mexican/US Border US, which are used in the manufacture of our high tech power generation equipment.

All of this and many other recent incident could mean nothing. However, what if it is more than just an attempt to take their place on the world stage? What if they are a government bent on gathering as much information on our country to leap past us? In my opinion, it does not matter if it is simple corporate espionage or something of greater national importance, our borders are being crossed by those with more on their minds than picking our fruit or mowing our lawns. We need a strong border, we need a strong border guard and we need an administration that cares about our security.

We can no longer accept from our government that open borders are a good thing. Republicans and Democrats both have championed opening up the borders to everyone and in the short term, we have seen border violence explode, as the Mexican Drug cartels have moved in. Now, we are facing something that could be much more nefarious, the expanding theft of our corporate and security secrets. As far as I am concerned, the long term potential harm of not addressing this issue, far out weighs any of the non-issues that the Obama drive to socialism now has us on.

For more information on the national threat from the Chinese spy network Google the term Chinese spies or Chinese spy. The number of incidents is staggering.

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